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Comprehensive Septic Tank Services

Great Falls Septic Service has provided professional septic system services, repairs, and maintenance to Virginia residents for over 60 years. We offer competitive pricing, discounts for senior citizens and military personnel, and special promotions throughout the year.

Septic services

Our Services

Great Falls Septic Service performs septic system planning, design, and installation for customers all over the Northern Virginia area. Once installed, we also provide a full range of professional services to keep your septic system running smoothly. We are here to assist with anything Septic!

Complete Septic Installation

Complete Septic Installation

A lot of hard work goes into installing a new septic system. When we take on a septic installation, we work with soil engineers and the county health department to guarantee your septic system is installed properly. This is definitely not a DIY project. 


Septic System Excavation

The excavation of your property can be unsettling, but it is a required part of installing a new or replacement septic system. Depending on the drain field size and location, much of your yard could be disturbed during this process.

Great Falls Septic offers excavating services for septic tank installations and more. Whether you are working on new construction or a renovation, or on a residential or commercial property, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our professional excavating services.


Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning and unblocking clogged drain.

Septic System Maintenance

Septic systems are not a once-and-done item. They require routine septic maintenance and service to ensure smooth operation. Depending on the configuration of your system, this can include services such as:

  • Tank pumping
  • Drain and line cleaning
  • Control panel maintenance
  • Inspections of lines and tanks
  • Drain field restoration
  • Well testing
  • Line Jetting and unclogging
  • Filter cleaning
  • Adding tank treatments
view of the septic tank

Septic Inspections

At Great Falls Septic Service, we perform comprehensive inspections on septic systems. These are useful for diagnosing problems or determining the condition of the existing system. You would schedule a septic system inspection for two reasons: You are purchasing a home with an existing septic system, or you have concerns about your current one, or to fulfill county requirements.

For example, if you are considering a home purchase, an inspection will determine the condition and age of the current septic system.

Additionally, if you notice drains running slowly or odors coming from them, it is time to perform a septic inspection. Our professional technicians will look at your system and get a clear picture of what is happening inside. This can detect leaks, cracks, or clogs affecting its performance.

Having regular service checks provides the opportunity for early detection of any issues, preventing system malfunctions in the future. Early detection means addressing the problem before the system becomes a health hazard or environmental detriment.


pumping septic tanks from the backyard tank in the countryside

Septic Pumping

Even when they operate perfectly, septic systems still need to be pumped to remove solid waste. In most cases, a tank must be pumped every three to five years for optimal health. However, there are conditions that may affect how frequently your tank needs to be cleaned, such as excessive water usage or exposing your system to harmful products like grease. In addition to pumping the septic tank, we will also pump the pump chambers and alternative treatment units if present.

Septic tank pumping is an integral part of system maintenance. It removes the build-up of solids and soap scum that can cause problems if left untreated. Proper cleaning also removes any debris that may have entered the system.

Some signs you might need pumping services include slow or backed-up drains and foul odors coming from the drains.


a person is opening the lid of the Septic systems

Septic Repairs

Over time your septic system may require repairs. Should any part of your septic system fail, we are here to help you with prompt repair services. Timely action is critical to avoid further damage and more costly repairs down the line.

If you hear an alarm going off or notice any signs of a faulty septic system, give us a call. Our technician will go through an operational checklist and take note of the various septic components in the system as well as their operating condition such as: maximum liquid level of the tank, the height at which the alarm was activated, evidence of continuous inflow, structural integrity of the the tank, whether the controls and sensors are operating correctly, whether whether screens are present and clean, and collect any necessary samples.

Once they have been able to use the collected data to diagnose the issue, they will perform any required repairs including the replacement of broken pumps and electrical and plumbing components inside the pump chamber. We can also replace damaged distribution boxes, header and conveyance lines, and drain fields as necessary.



Pump Replacement and Repair

Pumps are a crucial component of many onsite wastewater treatment systems. Two main types of pumps are used for sewage handling: solids-handling pumps and effluent pumps. Great Falls Septic Service is licensed and insured to replace all the pumps mentioned below, along with any plumbing components in the pump chamber.

Solids-Handling Pumps

Solids-handling pumps are positioned before septic tanks and move raw, unsettled wastewater. Grinder pumps are a type of solids-handling pump that incorporates a grinder or shredder.

Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps are positioned after the septic tank and require that wastewater be relatively free of solids.

Clear Water Sump Pumps

Clean water sump pumps are often placed to move water accumulation out of basements or crawl spaces and away from the structure.

roll off dumpster

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

In addition to septic installations and repairs, we also offer roll-off dumpster rentals for Northern Virginia construction sites. We offer several sizes of containers along with quick loading and unloading services to help you get your job site cleaned up. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable roll-off dumpster rental services.


plumbing for septic structure

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great Falls Septic Service has provided quality septic system installations, maintenance, and repairs all throughout Virginia – from Fairfax County to Frederick county for over 60 years. As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to ensure customer satisfaction. You don’t have to take our word for it. Instead, hear directly from our customers:

“Both Leo and the Manager who assisted me on the phone were patient, attentive, answered my many questions, and gave me a terrific education. ” — Rachel

“I do know something about competition for any type of work but in the end, excellence stands out and that is what they are.” — Charlie T

Read more customer testimonials to hear what others are saying about Great Falls Septic Service.

Whether you are interested in a new septic system or are having difficulty with your current one, Great Falls Septic Service can help.

Great Falls Septic Service is your number one solution for all things septic.

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