Septic Cleaning Services in Fairfax Station, VA

You rely on your home’;s septic system to take waste out of your home and help dispose of it safely. When it develops a fault, things can get messy — both literally and figuratively. Proper maintenance ensures that your septic system remains dependable. Great Falls Septic Service offers an extensive
menu of options to keep your system in good working order, including septic cleaning Fairfax Station VA.

Does Your Septic System Need Cleaning?

Most of the time, your septic system functions seamlessly. You flush toilets and let water flow down your sink, tub and shower drains. From there, the septic system channels your household waste out of your home, collecting it inside a tank before emptying it into a drain field. Every septic system eventually needs to be cleaned. Watch out for some telltale signs that yours is due for a cleaning:

• Backed up or slowly emptying drains
• Sewage odors in your home
• Slowly flushing toilets

Experts usually suggest cleaning your septic system every two to five years. However, your tank size and household usage trends affect how often you’ll need to get it cleaned. We can recommend a cleaning and maintenance schedule that keeps your system in the best shape possible.

What’s the Difference Between Cleaning and Pumping?

You’ve probably heard of septic tank pumping. Sometimes, the terms “pumping” and “cleaning” are used nterchangeably. However, these two services are different from each other. Tank pumping removes liquid along with floating sludge and waste. A thorough cleaning, however, takes out water, liquid waste, and compacted sludge sitting at the bottom of the tank. Like septic tank cleaning, pumping can be done every two to five years based on tank capacity and usage patterns. Symptoms that your tank needs pumped mirror those when it requires cleaning. Additional symptoms include water pooling on the ground near your septic system and complete toilet backups. As atop choice for septic cleaning service Fairfax Station VA, Great Falls Septic Service can recommend the appropriate options for restoring proper functioning in your septic system.

How Do Our Pros Clean Your Septic System?

Every septic system is different. That’s why Great Falls Septic Services takes a meticulous approach to every type of cleaning, maintenance, pumping, and repair task. When we arrive at your home, we start with a complete inspection of your septic system. Our pros check for common issues such as pipe clogs, leaks, excessive grease levels, intruding tree roots or soil compacting in your system’s drain field. We then make any needed repairs and parts replacements. After completing the necessary maintenance, we thoroughly clean your septic system.

Count on Your Septic System Pros

Great Falls Septic System is a family-owned and -operated business delivering superior service to Northern Virginia residences since 1953. For more than 65 years, homeowners have counted on us for all aspects of their septic systems: functioning: excavation, installation, cleaning, repairs, and more. See for yourself why we’re a top septic cleaning company Fairfax Station VA. Use our online form to contact us or phone us at (540) 545-7075.

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