Reliable Septic Inspection Service in Clifton, VA

We can all agree that septic systems are best left “out of sight, out of mind.” Problems with your septic tank or pipes can be stressful and, to say the least, unpleasant. Prevention is the key to keeping your system working effectively in the background, and regular inspections catch problems before they become disasters. Whether your system failed an inspection in the past, you are concerned about potential issues, or you’re selling your home, an inspection can reduce stress and save money.

Why Do I Need a Septic System Inspection?

The Virginia Department of Health recommends that most household systems have professionals conduct an inspection every three to five years. Alternative onsite sewage systems need annual inspections. The frequency of your septic pumping depends upon four factors:

  • Capacity of the septic tank
  • Size of your household
  • Volume of solids in wastewater
  • Total wastewater

Legal Requirements

In some Virginia locations, pump-outs at specific intervals are required by law. Some of these localities accept a septic inspections report instead of a full pump-out. So, when it’s time for your pump-out and cleaning, save time and add an inspection. Ultimately, you, as the homeowner bear the responsibility for awareness of and compliance with all state and local mandates.

Selling Your Home

While the Virginia Department of Health doesn’t require home sellers or buyers to have septic inspections in Clifton, VA, hiring a licensed professional saves you the headache of dealing with septic problems during or after the sale. Performing the inspection several weeks before closing catches potential problems early and allows time for correction before they become crises. Waiting too long for an inspection could delay the closing and cause stress for everyone.

Too-full tanks are inefficient, and damaged tanks leak raw sewage into the groundwater and throughout your property. Leaking tanks present major risks to your family, pets and community health. Avoid the anxieties of emergency repairs or replacements with regular inspections and cleanings.

How Does Great Falls Perform a Septic Inspection?

Our qualified technicians begin the inspection process inside your home. From that point, we carefully inspect every system component, culminating in examining the drain field. We are trained for inspection service in Clifton, VA for all types of systems, including:

  • Mound
  • Gravity
  • Pressurized
  • Proprietary
  • Sand Filter
  • Combination

Why Should You Contact Great Falls for Septic Inspection Service in Clifton, VA?

Don’t wait until you notice the terrible scent of waste in the air of your home! Keep your septic system out of sight and out of mind with Great Falls Septic. When you schedule an inspection with us, our prompt, efficient and professional crew will arrive on time, ready to take care of your system and offer you peace of mind. Great Falls Septic offers the most meticulous attention to your septic inspection service near Clifton, VA.

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